Our VISION is Bosnia and Herzegovina becoming attractive destination for visitors who appreciate our cultural space and nature. Local communities will be preserving and improving their environment, and will have developed sustainable receptive capacities. The number and income of small businesses will have continuous and sustainable growth.

Greenways DESIGNS AND IMPLEMENTS development projects in field of nature preservation and outdoor tourism. Our members comes from different regions with wealth of knowledge and experience necessary for dynamic local development in Bosnia.

Greenways is, at the same time, ONE BRAND AND ONE QUALITY LABEL working with different service providers and communities to connect them with international tour operators and individual tourists. It presents a focal point for tailored-made outdoor travelling to what must be one of the most unexplored, yet most beautiful, countries in Europe.

We have joint the local knowledge, expertise and contacts to become THE BEST FACILITATOR FOR TRAVELERS AND TOUR OPERATORS  looking to explore, enjoy and understand this enigmatic part of the world. With over 10 years research into different destinations and their possibilities we are excited to share our findings with you.