From Sarajevo to Mostar for 8 days and the best in between on 5 mountains and in 10 breathtaking places

Set off on an adventure in two of our most scenic regions, in lush greenery of Bosnia and serenity of Herzegovina. Apart from mountain and river adventures, we bring you to both exciting and calm nightlife places and events. From traditional music concerts in Sarajevo, Konjic and Mostar, open-fire parties on Boračko Lake and Prenj Mountain, to calm dinner below the Old Bridge in Mostar.

Experience MTB tour on Trebević, Jahorina, and Bjelašnica mountains surrounding Sarajevo. Plunge downhill trail from Jahorina summit to the Sarajevo Old Town from and from Bjelašnica plateau to Boračko Lake. Get in our boats for breath-taking Rakitnica river canyoning and the rafting on Neretva. Then ride to Mostar on the best MTB trail Herzegovina can offer. Finally, besides the urban excursion, get prepared for an ultimate hiking challenge and wild camping on the Prenj Mountain.

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  • Take an MTB ride on the Jahorina Mountain and make a downhill ride to Sarajevo old town from the summit.
  • Ride on our greatest MTB trail from Bjelašnica Mountain to Neretva river valley and refresh by taking the most existing rafting and canyoning tours.
  • Sarajevo and Mostar city tours and night parties.
  • Open fire and wild camping on Boračko Lake and on most attractive and scenic Prenj mountain.
  • Climb the greatest summit on Prenj Mountain – Zelena Glava (Green Head).

Day 1 – Arrival to Sarajevo, a night city walk and a beer

Upon you arrival, we welcome you by a dinner and traditional food in the Greenways mountain resthouse (GRM) on Trebević Mountain (1170), located just 10km from the old town, so after the dinner we go together for a beer and a city night walk. We come back to GRM where we spend the night. Greenways mountain resthouse (D)

2_Jahorina MTB_DAY 2

Day 2 – Jahorina Mountain to Sarajevo old town cycling downhill

We let you rest longer in the morning, and after the breakfast we make the overall tour presentation, introducing guides, and collecting specific requests and interests. After getting equipped we cycle to Jahorina ski resort reaching the mountain summit (1800). There, you will have a light lunch before the downhill ride to the Sarajevo old city (550) where we take a break by Miljacka River. Right away after the ride, we take you to the GRM for dinner and rest. Greenways mountain resthouse (B, L, D)

2_Bjelasnica break_DAY 3

Day 3 – MTB ride from Bjelašnica Mountain to Rakitnica River and Neretva valley

After the breakfast, we transport you to Bjelašnica Mountain from where you take an MTB ride of 52km on our greatest trail in the region. The trail takes you from Bijele Vode (1310), along Rakitnica River to Boračko Lake (410), with a light lunch on the road. We leave the bikes and take a shower at ‘Vila Sunce’ lodging at Boračko lake, the place we stay over for next 2 nights. First night here, we cook a fish dinner on open fire by the lake. Greenways mountain resthouse (B, L) ‘Vila Sunce’ lodging (D)


Day 4 – Rakitnica river canyoning

After Breakfast at Boračko Lake, we are getting equipped for the canyoning on Rakitnica river. The guided tour lasts for 6 hours and 8 km and you enjoy on ‘hydro-speed’ the beauty of one of the deepest canyons in Europe. A light lunch is served by the river and after short brake in Konjic town we come back to the Boračko lake lodging. In the evening, a dinner is served by the lake where we stay partying and finish the day. ‘Vila Sunce’ lodging (B, D) Tudup Raft club Konjic (L)

Day 5 – Neretva river rafting adventure and wild camping on Prenj Mountain

The day in the middle of the adventure is reserved for most exciting rafting tour you can find in the region, the Neretva river rafting. The same day, we get ready for an excursion to the Prenj Mountain where we stay for 2-day hiking tour. In the morning, we transport you to Glavatičevo, the start of the rafting tour, which takes 5 hours and 20km. It includes many brakes for swimming, jumping, ‘body raft’, or just a sunbath. We finish the tour in the afternoon, have a lunch in Konjic and get ready for a new adventure: climbing the mountain Prenj summit. It will take us 2 hours by off-road vehicles to come to Tisovice place (1850) where we establish our camping site. When finished, we make a party with guitar playing and stay outside until it becomes too cold. ‘Vila Sunce’ lodgings (B) Tudup raft club Konjic (L) Mountain Prenj wild camp (D)

 Day 6 – Hiking on Prenj Mountain

Wakening and breakfast in Tisovice is something our gests enjoy extremely together with local food we serve. The hiking expedition of 8km lasts around 4 hours with the elevation of 300m. From the mountain summit ‘Zelena Glava‘ (2155) you can see all surroundings cities including Sarajevo, Mostar and Konjic. There, we take a light lunch and head back to the camp. We get packed after the lunch and transferred to the Boračko Lake. Mountain Prenj wild camp (B, L) ‘Vila Sunce’ lodgings (D)

 Day 7 – Getting to the south, the greatest MTB ride of Herzegovina

On the seventh day we leave Boračko Lake riding 18 km on bikes from Borci village (700) towards Ruišta plateau (1050) on Prenj Mountain. At Ruišta, we take a light lunch and in the late afternoon we make a downhill ride to the very Mostar Old Town. We rest for a while in an apartment where we are going to stay over. In the evening we go for our final dinner in a restaurant just beneath the Old Bridge and for a late night party. ‘Vila Sunce’ lodgings (B, L) Mostar Old Town Restaurant (D)

Day 8 – Mostar City farewell tour

On the last day of our adventure we make a city tour in Mostar Old Town relaxing and refreshing by the Neretva River. We bring you to famous city cafes and vineries. At the end, we assure that you catch train or bus line to your next destination. If it is too hot in the city, we bring you to refresh by the famous Kravice waterfall. Mostar Old Town Restaurant (B, L)

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